Praise God for the healing touch of Jesus Christ!

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Below are some testimonies from the Healing Rooms of Cincinnati – North


  • I wanted to share an answer to the team’s prayers for my procedures. As far as going to the hospital is concerned, I had the best appointment I could’ve had and I truly have all of you to thank for your prayers. It was WORLDS different from the time I went in for a procedure in 2016 and left with a TBI. When I was getting prepped I ended up in a private room with a nurse for about 30 minutes. We got to talking and realized we were both believers and both had a relative named Josh. We got to pray for each other’s Josh’s and she prayed for me about the procedures and full healing. It was a fun, powerful time in that little room with no interruptions!

    Then when they wheeled me into the room where the procedures would be done one of the other nurses was singing in the room and they warned me he likes to sing…A Lot. After a short conversation he sang “I have decided to follow Jesus” all the way through. I sang along and I felt like God was being glorified, it gave me joy and seeds were planted in the other staff members hearts.

    And then I was put under and I don’t remember anything else after that. When I awoke, I left in good condition- Praise the Lord! So thanks again for your prayers. The whole thing from beginning to end was a breeze and an awesome answer to prayer. I had peace and joy the whole time and God took care of everything.
    ~ Natalie
  • I came in with pain in my body. After the team prayed for me, all the physical pain was gone and my spirit was lifted also. Thank You Holy Spirit.
    ~ Linn
  • I came to be prayed for on 2 occasions with my wife about 3 years ago. I had to send this note to encourage you & let you know that thru you, God has truly worked a miracle in my life. Not sure why God chose to heal me a little bit at a time but that’s how it’s been, a little better everyday.

    I had Leukemia twice, I was told I had 21 to 28 days to live. Then bone marrow transplant. I spent over 200 days in the hospital.ot in remission but my body was ravaged with damage from Chemo and all the peripherals that go along with treatment of cancer. I;ve suffered with this for 12 years.

    After visiting the Healing Rooms twice, things began to change for me. Every day after, I began to see positive change. Even my docs are calling me a miracle! I no longer need a cane to get around. I no longer need the oxygen that I’ve been on for years. I’m almost off the steroids I’ve been on for 10 years. I’ve lost 30 pounds (a good thing). No more shortness of breath. I look SO much better and I’m more active than I’ve been in 8 years.

    We will never stop praising God for what he’s done for us, thru you.
    ~ Mark
  • For over five years I have come to the Healing Rooms for a variety of issues. They are:
    1. Left toe hurting and vibrating involuntary
    2. Right eye twitching involuntary
    3. Right hand inner bone aching
    4. Right hip inner bone hurting off the chart
    5. Severe sore back shoulder blade
    6. Lump on the far corner of my right eye lid
    7. Prayer for my children – various 
    As outrageous as my complaint was, I have always left the place totally healed 100% of the time. Sometimes it was instantaneous and other times gradually as prayer continued. May all the honor be to God for He has given me a modern day testimony to share.
  • I came into the healing rooms because I was sick for the past few days and having some weird symptoms in my chest. While the women from the Healing team were praying for healing from those things one of the women had a word of knowledge from the Lord about my right arm. She said that my nerves were being pulled and pinched at my elbow. That’s when I started to tell them that I’ve also been dealing with nerve damage in my forearm and my hand since a car wreck last year. I wasn’t planning to bring that up because in a way I had gotten used to the problem and have been seeing an Occupational Therapist (OT) on a weekly basis for over eight months.

    The woman on the healing team responded “well the root of that pain is stemming from where the nerves are being pulled and out of alignment at your elbow.” She laid hands on my elbow and prayed for it. Then she had me stretch my arms out in front of me putting my hands together. My right hand was about an inch shorter than the left hand. What happened when she started praying for me while my arms were stretched forward was something out of my control. I felt my right arm move forward without me doing it. I had no control over it; my right arm moved forward on its own. And the pinched feeling in my arm was gone. It was amazing and felt supernatural!

    By the grace of God I am healed! Since then I have been able to do simple day to day tasks again without discomfort or numbness and tingling in my fingers and no longer any tightness in my arm. And I can do the bigger things I haven’t been able to do without a lot of pain and discomfort! Before this healing I was not able to hold my camera for more than a few minutes without a lot of pain. And the next few days following would be very uncomfortable no matter what I did. Even typing at my computer proved to be a challenge until now.

    I also got confirmation from my (OT) that my arm was healed. I did not tell her what had taken place in the healing rooms a few days prior but she noted how drastically different the results were that day. The following week at my next OT visit the results were even better. That’s when I told her what God had done in the healing rooms two weeks prior. She was amazed and couldn’t deny my healing. It was a fun appointment giving God glory for the great things He has done. My OT is now talking about my time with her coming to a very quick close!

    Amen!!! Thank you Lord!

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