Praise God for the healing touch of Jesus Christ!

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Below are some testimonies from the Healing Rooms of Cincinnati – North


  • I came to the healing rooms for inner healing and received that from the Lord. I also got confirmation on many things He was telling me as the healing rooms team prayed for me. I left feeling lighter and lifted up. ~ Melissa
  • I had pain in my left foot for 5 months, so I came to the healing rooms expecting healing. As the team prayed for me, I received my healing my healing and all the pain left. My Lord Jesus is my healer and my doctor. ~ Rosanne
  • I came to the healing rooms asking for prayer for a personal situation and one of the healing room tm members received a word of knowledge that the Lord was healing my back. This was unexpected as I had not even mentioned my back pain, but my back felt wonderful instantly. Praise the Lord! ~ Marnie
  • I broke my arm 3 months ago; shattered radial head, complete fracture of the ulnar bone, ulnar head dislocated and torn ligament. I had two surgeries and physical therapy, but as of 2 weeks ago I was still in great pain with only about 40% movement. I came to the healing rooms dedicated to come every week until my healing manifests. After today, all pain is gone and my range of motion has increase significantly. I praise Jesus for all of this and for the continued healing that will manifest, to the glory of God our Father. ~ Cathy
  • Our Lord is kind, compassionate, faithful and merciful. At the end of prayer with the healing room team last week, one of the prayer team put their hands on my shoulders and after praying asked me if I felt that. I said I’m not sure and she replied that the Lord poured oil over me. Well let me tell you, she wasn’t kidding. The next afternoon I was almost in a stupor. I was just soaking in the spirit. The next day the inflammation in my body was gone and I barely needed a cane to walk. The inflammation returned the next day but that was no discouragement to me at all. I was greatly encouraged. Lastly, while I received prayer there was a pop in my back. I have a curved back and neck and I know that was God telling me that the time is near when my structure will be restored. Praise God ! ~ Doug
  • As the healing room team prayed for me, I was healed of a large floater in my right eye and my neck pain was reduced. I’m believing for complete manifestation of a healed back and waviness in my left eye. Ann I reached out to the Healing Room while handling pressure over the illnesses of my dear parents (as well as other family members). I had been contemplating going to the Healing Room for months, but it seemed like every time I tried I missed getting there due to all that was involved in caring for my parents. I was so busy caring for them in their home (with the help of Hospice toward the end) that I slept very few hours a night. I was so exhausted yet something told me to go.Little did I know when I showed up it was the very last Thursday the Healing Room was to be open before closing for their summer break (the entire month of July). There was only one hour left before they closed but God pressed for me to go anyway, and I was glad I did.
    My parents were getting to the last stages where it was going to be a real struggle for them in handling pain, etc. My father was a double amputee due to circulation issues and was starting to have strokes and my mother had stage 4 cancer and could no longer take in food. But I still managed to get to the Healing Room to receive prayer from such a wonderfully caring and anointed staff. It was right then that I believe something enabled gates to open releasing so much peace.On that day in June, as the Healing Room staff prayed over me, the three ladies could somehow see the Holy Spirit moving through my parents’ home coming in via windows/doors and pushing out any darkness. I was so concerned for my parents well being (and possibly even where things stood in their faith), but God orchestrated everything in those last days for them to be surrounded by Godly people and guided by Godly prayer.
    I even had a few visions after leaving the Healing Room that I will never forget. In one of them I heard an audible voice from God tell me this, “You have honored me, therefore I am going to release my healing power in you.” Just then I saw a lightening bolt flash from the sky to the ground. Remember this was a vision. It was then that I understood the healing was to be more spiritual rather than physical. Also, shortly thereafter, some of the Hospice staff who frequented my parent’s home also noticed a change in the atmosphere. More Holy Spirit was definitely present in their home after my visit to the Healing Room.
    I believe this transitional shift came on what I call my 11th hour visit to the Healing Room. After my visit, I saw much transpire in my parents and in me that brought God’s love and peace to a higher place before they passed. To our amazement they died just 4 days apart (the following month in July after my Healing Room visit). My parents raised a family and ran a business together for 68 years, so we joyfully celebrated their memory.
    I want to also report that my sister received healing during a Joan Hunter program sponsored by the Healing Room. My sister had been dealing with severe pain management issues for years. But she came to the program with a level of expectation (wearing high heels, even though she had not worn any for eight years). When Joan started off the program I looked at my sister and said, “Now if she calls for those suffering from pain to come up – go!” Well it was the very first group Joan called up and my sister was the very first person. As Joan prayed over her, you could actually see my sister gaining height and the audience was oohing and awing.
    Prior to that my sister could not sit very long and had to prop her neck up to stay seated. So she avoided going to events altogether. After our Lord worked through Joan during the healing program, my sister could move her neck back and forth better than me, who had no problems. It was such a miracle that she could now get out of the house and function at a much higher level.
    So I want to let everyone know who has problems with sickness or know of others in need (family members or friends), consider the Healing Room as a place where our Lord brings hope to those who seek His healing ways, however they manifest in your life. Likewise, consider attending one of the sponsored Healing Room programs because whenever I attend one I always leave with more of God’s love, wisdom and inspiration, oftentimes sustaining me through not only trying times but times of great joy as well. God’s blessings to you all. ~ Phyllis

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